Sunday, 7 March 2010

A little about me and my weight struggles

A couple of weeks ago, I made the momentous decision to officially lose weight and join Weight Watchers. I have lost weight a couple of times, but just by myself. My usual "healthier eating" hasn't worked this time and everytime I weigh myself I have been getting heavier and heavier.

Ever since I can remember I have always been plump or fat. As a child I was plump and as I got older, I became fat. When I met James, my husband, 12 years ago I was a size 18, bordering on a size 20. I am only 5ft 1" so I probably looked pretty horrendous. I don't know how much I weighed but probably around 12 1/2 st and there are not many photos of me at this size. This photo is prior to 1999.
A few years ago my mum and step dad split up and it upset me quite a lot and I lost quite a bit of weight and got down to a size 14 and weighed just over 11 stone. My weight loss was pretty stupid though as I just stopped eating - definitely not the right way to go about it. Somehow, once I sorted myself out, I managed to maintain this size, and when I got married in July 2004 with a bit of dieting I was about 10 1/2 stone.
I love crafting and in 2008 I started a 365 challenge on UK Scrappers. This involved taking a photo a day and journalling about it. I made 4 albums of my photos and journal posts. On the 1st Jan 2008, the first post was about New Resolutions and number one on the list "Lose some weight - am 10st 9lb - eek!!!"

I didn't do anything about this until 4th April when I decided that I would watch what I eat and cut out all the rubbish. This photo is from the 8th April 2008
My post for that day reads "I hate looking at myself in the mirror as all I see is a fat person staring back at me. I know I am not thin and I have a poor sense of body image about myself. However the person staring back at me seems to be fatter than I think I am and definitely bigger then I should be."

On 19th May 2008, I had got down to 10 st 1lb and my journalling for that day states that my dream was to get down to 9 stone. On 5th July I was 9st 131/2 lb and 9th August I was 9 st 11lb and had just bought a size 12 t-shirt
By the end of August that year I was fitting into size 12 skinny jeans from Next. The lowest weight I got to was 9st 8lb on 2nd December 2008 and I posted that I wanted to lose another 1/2 stone. However I lost momentum and slowly went back up to 10 st 4lb which I feel really sad about.

Which brings me up to Friday 26th Feb 2010 when I finally decided that I needed some help and signed up for Weight Watchers On-line.

Date: 26th Feb 2010
Weight: 10st 4lb
BMI: 27.2
Classed as: Overweight (like I don't know that!!!)

I still fit into size 12 clothes but they are all pretty tight. The time has come to make some changes!


  1. Well done on your honesty and determination!
    look forward to AP and seeing the difference
    Love and Know you will succeed xxx

  2. I know you will succeed Claire, well done on starting that journey!!