Sunday, 7 March 2010

First Week Results

Well I signed up to WW online on Friday 26th Feb and was given 17 points a day. My weigh in days are Friday. I decided to do it online as due to the nature of my husband's job, I would probably end up having to take my four year old daughter to meetings with me and that does not appeal one bit.
I know that my issues are going to be around portion size and lack of exercise. I have quite good will power and find it quite easy to say no to tempting food but I know that my meals are all too big and that I do no exercise.
So how did I get on in the first week?
Firstly I have managed to stick to my points allowance quite easily and have always had points to carry over. Sunday I spent the day cooking some meals off the WW website and have been totally converted to the Veg Curry. I even exercised quite a bit.
On Sunday I did 40 minutes of Just Dance on the Wii and on Thursday I took my trainers to work and in my 30 lunch break, I went for a brisk walk. I set my timer on my iPhone and walked for 15 minutes and then when it went off, I walked back. When I got back to the office, I could barely talk so I knew that it had done me some good. I hope to do this twice a week as long as the weather is good.
So my weigh in was:
Date: 5th March
Weight: 10st 0lb
Loss/Gain: loss of 4 lbs
BMI: 26.5
Classed as: Overweight - still!

I am so chuffed with myself! I have found this first week quite easy and I am sure that it will not always be this good but I am definitely in the zone!!!! Bring on next week's weigh in.

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