Friday, 12 March 2010

A bit disappointed!

I only lost 1lb and 3/4 today and I have to admit to being a bit disappointed. I was hoping for at least 2lbs.

I have religiously stuck to my points and always had some left over, have walked and exercised so much that my legs are killing me. Not a naughty piece of food has passed my lips and there has been so much temptation at work! Mind you I have read somewhere that you should eat some of the activity points otherwise you body just tries to store food for energy for the extra exercise being done.

I am clinging to the fact that it is the time of the month and so that will make me heavier :-)

The next week or so could be difficult as I have friends round tomorrow for a Chinese, I have Pizza Hut and the cinema on Thursday and I have a girls weekend to London to celebrate a friend's 40th.

But I am determined to see this through. I think I really want to get to under 9stone. So 12 lbs to go and counting!!!!

As I dropped under the 10 stone mark today, my points have been recalculated and now I only get 16.

I have already done my 2 mile brisk walk today.
Date: 12th March
Weight: 9st 12 1/4 lb
Loss/Gain: 1 3/4 lbs
BMI: 26.1
Classed as: Overweight


  1. Try not to be too disappointed, I think you are doing really well x

  2. Ease up on yourself any loss is fab loss! Have you gone and got a bag of flour or something that weighs what you have lost if you do and see how it feels you'll be amazed and more thrilled. Plus measure yourself and check that too as as that goes down you feel really good too!
    At the chinese go for dry chicken chow mein it's one of the lowest they do and at pizza hun have one slice with loads of free salad and drink loads of free drinks that'll help

    Keep it up you are fab and doing brilliantly.