Wednesday, 10 March 2010

I WILL get fit!!!

I am so determined to get thin and fit that today I did the mad thing of signing up for the Race for Life. I don't think I have done any running since I left school - apart from last Friday when I was late getting Zoe from pre-school and I half walked/ran down to the school. I don't class jogging on the spot on the Wii as running.
I have only signed up for the 5k run which is 3.1 miles or so I have been told.
Please, please sponsor me - all goes to Cancer Relief. You will be helping me get thinner and fitter and raise some money for a wonderful cause!!!

I am about to try another one of the Davina workouts. My new workout trousers arrived today - now I just need some industrial strength strapping for my boobs, tummy and bum and I will try my first run on Sunday morning - early before anyone is awake and can see me!!!

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  1. Good luck Claire a great cause and incentive to get fit!