Tuesday, 9 March 2010

A funny sight

I went for my 2 mile walk at lunch time today and walked past a field that only had 3 cows in it. Two of the cows were laid down but the third cow was sat like a dog. It was the strangest sight. She watched me walk down past her field and then watched me walk back. She looked like she should be wearing a straw hat and chewing on a piece of straw. I almost expected her to start a conversation with me.
Going to do one of Davina's fitness DVD's tonight - watched a bit of it last night and it looks very, very hard. Let's hope I will be able to move in the morning.


  1. Ha Ha see what you mean Claire, she looks deep in thought!! Good luck with the DVD!!

  2. Love this blog hun what a fab way to help others and to help yourself. well done on your loss so far and your determination. I will have to join you again. I am doing ok this week and have got a couple of LBs off but want a few more before the hol's. I also need to get back to the gym I have had a fortnight off as I've been feeling so rough but I need to get going again now. So I'll keep looking here and you can motivate me. Hugs Kxxx

  3. What an hilarious photo do hope you scrap this sometime

  4. Gosh if I had udders like that I would need to sit down a lot too!
    Great photo Claire. :o)