Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Sneaky weigh in

Is it wrong to have a sneaky mid week weigh in?

My hubby gets cross at me for doing it but I think if things are not looking good weight wise mid week, then you have a couple of days to claw it back.
I weighed myself this morning and was 9st 8lbs. I was well chuffed but then I have done lots of exercise this week and drank lots of water and eaten all my points. Hoping I can keep this up for Friday's weigh in and maybe be even less.

I got to this weight in December 2008 and stayed like it for one weigh in and never managed to get down to this weight again. And then I lost my enthusiasm and slowly put lots back on. But this time with the help from Weight Watchers, I will get down to at least 9 stone and maintain!!!!!

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