Wednesday, 21 April 2010

The new me.

People are beginning to comment on my weight loss and I was due a hair cut, so I thought that I would have a new look.
Here is the old hair this morning:
And here is the new hair tonight:
I love it!!!
But the best news is that I ordered some size 10 clothes from Next and I fitted into all of them. I have never been a size 10. I am so pleased with myself. The work trousers are a bit snug but a few more weeks should resolve that.
Here is me in my size 12 clothes that are all bit baggy now - especially the trousers!
All the hardwork and perseverance is paying off!
A before and after photo:


  1. Brilliant Claire - what a difference. Loving the new hair do as well.

  2. Fantastic Claire Love the new you look and a great haircut too!

  3. Amazing Claire, your hair looks great and you can see how much weight you have lost, WELL DONE!!!

  4. Wow Claire love the hair and the new you too hun!! You look brill and thanks you have really inspired me to get back to it.XXX