Saturday, 1 May 2010

Am I Cheating?

Friday is my weigh in day and yesterday I had only lost 0.5lb and was a bit disappointed as I really wanted to get to my stone off and have lost 10% of my body weight. I was short by 1/4 lb - how frustrating!
I naughtily weighed myself this morning and for the last 9 weeks I am lighter on a Saturday. I think this is because Friday is my day off of exercise and so I have no water retention etc, so today I had a brain wave of changing my weigh in to Saturdays.
Is this cheating?
But weighing today my weight loss for the week would have been 1.25lbs. Psychologically this feels much better.
I guess if I was going to a class and I had to change to a different class for, say work reasons, I would end up having to change my weigh in day wouldn't I? Am I cheating myself or do you think this is ok?
Plus it means that I have my 10% body weight and got my stone!
Date: 1st May
Weight: 9st 3.5 lb
Loss/Gain: -1.25 lb
BMI: 24.5
Classed as: Healthy

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